live webcasting in election image cloudlity
live webcasting in election image cloudlity

KDocs - Document Management System Software

A document management solution/system, which is swift and cuts document/information retrieval time to few seconds. A DMS which organizes documents and information not only look good but also makes work hassle-free and easy.

Kdocs Documents management softwar a web application user interface that performs operations including file sharing, Assign roles, and finding and auditing enterprise records and registers.

Why Choose Kdocs For DMS

Add Note on any file

Applying Stamp on DOc

Applying Ditital sign on doc

Write custom script in file

Compare versions of a document within Microsoft Office

Attach a file as download ticket in Outlook

Compare two documents in Kdocs

Import email from mailboxes

Drag & Drop files and folders into the Document Management System (Drop Spot)

Barcode Scanner Filter in Document Management

Version Control of documents in Kdocs DMS

Synchronize files with your document management software

Document Preview in Kdocs DMS

Any kind of Business and use at any device with cloud based store

Kdocs Enterprise - Ubuntu easy setup

Kdocs installation in Synology devices

Kdocs installation in QNAP devices

Kdocs - Joomla explorer

Custom Reports with BIRT

Kdocs Outlook Watched Folder for Emails

Kdocs - Dropbox integration

Kdocs Enterprise - Windows setup part02 installing system

Kdocs - Google Docs

Kdocs Mobile on iPAD

Kdocs Office Add-in

Kdocs - Search

Kdocs - Logon & Folders

Document Management - Dashboard

Document Management - Full-text Search

Document Management - Workflow Designer

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